Malayalam Class

By the grace of God, on October 2nd, 2010, we started our 1st Malayalam class, with the intention of teaching Malayalam language to anyone who expresses interest in learning Malayalam as well as to the second generation of Keralites.  At present, approximately fifteen to eighteen students of different age levels attend the classes from 5 to 6pm on the 4th Saturday of each month.  Two teachers with certification and experience teach the classes.  On occasion, some of the parents support the students by helping in the class.

The book used is the 1st Standard Malayalam text book utilized by the Government of Kerala, India.  Different skills and techniques are used to teach the students the alphabet, words, sentences, as well as the meanings of Malayalam words.  The students are provided with tests to assess their understanding and acquisition of the language.  They attend the classes with enthusiasm, devotion, and determination.

Schools nowadays hire Bilingual teachers while colleges and universities include a variety of languages in their “Schedule of Courses.”  Learning Malayalam is an excellent way for someone to understand the Keralite culture.  Keralites have a wonderful cultural and spiritual heritage.  Learning a new language can also bring a lifetime of reward.  We hope to see you soon in class.


Sis. Rosamma Thomas

Sis. Saramma Thomas


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